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    • Parking Outside School

      Inconsiderate and dangerous parking is increasingly causing problems around our schools, putting the safety of children and others at risk. Cars parking inconsiderately or on zigzag lines cause visibility issues to pedestrians of all ages who are crossing the road network to get to and from school.

      Below are parking leaflets which can help make drivers aware of the issues caused when parking inappropriately, even if it is just for a short space of time.

      Colouring in version of parking leaflet:- Your Child can colour in and personalise the parking leaflet that is being sent home to you.

      Parking Leaflet - Parking leaflet which can be printed off.

    • Walkzone Maps

      School can create their own maps to show how long it will take to walk from the surrounding areas of school. Below is an example of the maps for Primary and Secondary Schools. If you feel that these would be beneficial to your child's school please ask them to look in the parking topic on this website.

    • Let's Look Out For Each Other

    • Zig Zag's Lesson

      Zig Zag's Lesson is a story which covers road safety and sustainable travel topics and can be delivered to Primary School children. Here are digital copies of the resource, which can be be read to your children to teach them how to be safer around the zig zag lines outside school.
    • Child in-car safety information sheets

      Information sheets detailing common problems and possible solutions associated with children's car seats.

      For more information on In car Safety click here

    • Overviews of Safe and Healthy Travel Projects

      Safety Stars

      Safety Stars is a pupil led road safety and health resource for all Lancashire Primary Schools; specifically aimed at Year 6 pupils, School Councils or School Clubs.

      Safety Stars is a readymade free resource that enables the whole school to become engaged through creative and innovative competitions and project based activities.

      Safety Stars encourages partnership work with the police and other community groups.

      Through Safety Stars the Safe and Healthy Travel Team, can provide funding for prizes for any competitions held around safety themes or active travel.

      Bus Safety

       Drive it Down – Year Six

      The lesson is designed to give young people making the step up to high school necessary skills to use the bus network in a safe and responsible manner and to make them aware of the use of CCTV and how they can report bad behaviour.

      Pupils will learn:

      · How to wait and board the bus safely

      · How to travel in a safe and responsible manner

      · How to report bad behaviour and who to

      Scoot Safe

      Scoot Safe is a project designed to teach children how to safely ride their scooters. Once they have learnt this skill it can be promoted as a safe and active method of travel.


      Walking is good for fitness, keeping in shape, building confidence, and improving mood. It is important that children and teenagers are equipped with the skills to be safe pedestrians and should be made aware of distractions and the dangers on and around the road networks.

      Statistics show that the risk of child pedestrians being involved in a road collision rises when they start school; it rises again when they move on to secondary school.

      Walking buses are a fantastic way in which schools can alleviate some of the school traffic flow, whilst promoting exercise and developing positive road safety behavior in young people.

      When walking with your children, make sure you follow the safety rules of the road.   Teach them how to wait for the "green man" before crossing on a pelican, or how they should wait for traffic to come to a standstill before stepping out on to a zebra crossing.  Remember young children are not able to judge the speed and distance of approaching traffic.


      This section is for road safety and sustainable travel for Madrassa's. This includes Mosque Marshalling which was developed amid concerns for Lancashire's children crossing busy arterial routes on their way to and from the Mosque and Madrassa.

      What is Mosque Marshalling?

      A community owned scheme for training adult volunteers to help children to cross the road more safely, as they walk to their mosque. A sustainable, ongoing project led by the community in partnership with LCC, Police.  Marshals accompany the children as they cross the road and help the children to make safe decisions about when to cross the road. They do not stop the traffic!  Designated points used for crossing are risk assessed by the Safe and Healthy Travel Team.


      Bikeability is the cycle training programme for the 21st Century. It’s like cycling proficiency, but better! It’s about gaining practical skills and understanding how to cycle on today’s busy roads. Bikeability gives everyone the opportunity to gain skills and confidence for cycling on our roads.

      There are three core Bikeability levels, each designed to improve cycling skills, no matter what is known already. Levels 1 & 2 can be delivered at primary school taking trainees from the basics of signaling and control to how to complete cycle outcomes such as turning left and right.


      To support students undertaking Bikeability, we recommend Passport to Safer Cycling module 1 workbook. This workbook gives an overview of cycle ownership, understanding road signs takes pupils through turning outcomes as delivered in Bikeability.

      • Motorcycle/ Scooter/ Motorbike Guidance Leaflet

        Leaflet providing practical guidance and support to parents whose son/daughter ride or are thinking about purchasing a motorcycle/ scooter/ motorbike.

      • Wasted Lives - for parents of young drivers

        Wasted Lives has a section dedicated to helping give practical advice, information and support on key aspects that might affect you as a parent of a young driver. For more information please visit

        • 20mph Printable Poster

        • Child Casualties Data

          These graphs show the casualty profiles of children across Lancashire. The data includes all causalities; pedestrian, in car occupants and cyclists.

        • Bikeability Parent's Handbook

          This short handbook has been designed especially for parents, guardians or carers of young cyclists who have just completed their Bikeability training. Its aim is to share with you what they have learnt and to give you the confidence to go cycling with them on roads or cycleways.
        • Information Sheets

           Information sheets detailing common problems and possible solutions associated with children's car seats.

          • "WHICH?" magazine in-car safety article links

            A selection of articles produced and written by "WHICH?". These aim to inform and assist parents with issues surrounding in-car safety for children and infants.

          • Road Safety GB

            Road Safety GB provides useful information in relation to in-car safety for children and infants. The links below direct you to specific sections on the 'Road Safety GB' website. These sections include;

            • Importance of fitting a car seat correctly

              Road safety experts say a recent spot check of child car seats in Leicestershire found problems in nearly half of the vehicles that they saw.

              For full article click here

              Please see an informative video below.

            • Good Egg Safety - Car Seat Safety

               Good Egg Safety has produced a new video which highlights common problems which could endanger the lives of children being carried in car seats

              • Good Egg Safety Links

                Make sure that you are taking all of the right precautions with Road Safety GB 'Good Egg Safety'.

                Good Egg Safety offers plenty of help and support to users in respect of car safety. Below are some useful links for more information:

       - National initiative for advising on correctly fitting child car seats

       - The popular car seat safety Blog offering families top tips

       - Top tips and competitions for families on car seat safety

       - Top tips and competitions for families on car seat safety

                • Seat belts and child restraints

                  The Department for Transport have produced a booklet to assist in informing parents/guardians/carers about the law surrounding seat belts and child restraints. In addition, the booklet also provides information and guidance on the best practice using car seats, restraints and seat belts.

                • Link to useful websites

                   In-car Safety Centre Here you will find advice, explanations and demonstrations on how to select the most suitable seat for each child.

                  Driving while pregnant This webpage contains advice on how to wear your seatbelt safely throughout your pregnancy.

                  The documents below provide further guidance and advice.

                  In safe hands - A5 leaflet detailing laws and guidance regarding car seats for children aged 0-12. The leaflet covers stages from pregnancy to age 12.

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